The Best Solution For The Scorching Summer Heat Without Increasing Your Electricity Bill

Are you tired of high electricity bills? Do you want to beat the scorching summer heat? Do you want a portable device to stay cool despite the heatwaves? It’s time to meet the new king of comfort. Introducing, Blaux Portable AC. 

Summer is here. It’s the best time for outdoor and family getaways. But because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot freely go outside. On the other hand, the World Health Organization is giving a red flag on global warming.

This year’s summer season might just be the worst we’ve experienced in our lifetime!

The scorching heat, longer days, and being cooped up inside our home are just the worst we can be in right now. Using your AC for long periods will definitely increase your electricity bill. 

But, we have something great in store for you. 

What is it? 

Blasting your AC isn’t gonna solve your discomfort. While it will solve the hot temperature, it will rob you of precious cash. This is the worst-case scenario since you can use that cash on more important items. 

Let’s cut the chase. We give you Blaux Portable AC. It’s the perfect solution this summer! Don’t let yourself fall into frustration. That’s because a number of tech websites and online consumers call this product “The World’s Most Powerful Portable AC.” 

Why Blaux Portable AC?

Why not? The device is cost-effective, easy-to-use, portable. and it’s rechargeable. That means you can bring it anywhere you want. Plus, it’s so powerful that it can cool the atmosphere of your home with just a single device. 

When we say cost-effective, we mean it. For one, you won’t need a technician to install the device. Also, it’s compact, sleek, it’s powered by a rechargeable battery and it comes with remarkable filters. It’s the cheapest alternative to traditional AC!

This personal cooler will surely help you beat the summer heat!

Features and Benefits

This device has five key features. The more you know about this device, I’m sure the more you’re gonna love it.

1. Cost-effective

The device uses water to cool the air. The fan then blows the cool air into the user. It uses a rechargeable battery so you can save some cash. And, you can save more energy when you choose the low fan option. 

The device comes with an adjustable fan setting and lets you set your room temperature according to your preference.  

2. Anti-bacterial filter

Clean air is very important. Especially today because of the current crisis the world is facing. Viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens are present in the air that we breathe. Gross! TSo it’s critically important to maintain the air quality inside your home. 

Thankfully, this device comes with a filter system. It effectively eliminates germs, viruses, and dust in the air. Blaux Portable AC offers a cool but purified air for its users. 

3. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery

Blaux Portable AC is the best solution for the rising electricity bill. Why? Because this portable AC can be charged via USB cable! This will allow you to use the Blaux Portable AC anytime and anywhere you want. 

It’s portable. That means the device can be carried and used everywhere. Be it in your office, balcony, living area, etc. The possibilities are endless!

4. Silent 

Unlike traditional AC, it offers the best comfort because of its distraction-free operation. Blaux AC does not produce a mechanical sound. It only produces a sound that is less than 40DB. No need to worry about loud noises, so you can have a good night’s sleep. 

5. It has a LED Screen 

Surprisingly, this device has a LED screen. It lets you choose a dim light option to promote better sleep. Also, the LED screen allows you to see battery levels so you can charge it before the battery gets drained. 

How Does It Work

  • First, you need to charge the device using its USB cable. Then, the LED screen will indicate when the battery runs out and you need to recharge it again. 
  • Next, you need to fill the tank with water. 
  • Adjust the filters.
  • You can choose from three different settings namely, from low, mid, and high. The lowest setting is your best option if you want to save on energy.
  • It blows through two holes. One hole clears the dirty-warm air from the room while the other hole blows the clean and fresh air. 
  • The filter mechanism pulls out the dirty air and blows in the fresh-clean air. 

This portable air conditioner has a speed of 2.5m/s. It can cool down your room temperature in just a matter of minutes! Amazing, right? This device is just way ahead of its competitors. Thanks to its powerful rechargeable battery.  

This allows Blaux AC to run for hours using only its battery. This eliminates the need for an AC to be plugged in a power source all the time, making it more versatile than the traditional AC. 

Device Specifications

  • USB charging
  • Powerful battery
  • Three fan-speed levels
  • Noiseless operation with less than 40 DB
  • It has three features: humidifier, purifier, and cooler

Prices and Special Offers

This portable device is the best alternative to traditional AC! Aside from saving a lot on your electricity bill, you can bring this compact but very useful AC with you anywhere you go. I know you’re itching to get your hands on this so, this is what the Blaux Portable AC is priced in the market today. 

  • $89.99 for a single unit 
  • $179.98 for 2 units
  • $202.48 for 3 units
  • $247.47 for 4 units

It’s important to remember that this device is only available online. You can’t find it in stores or even Amazon. Also, stocks are limited because of the high demand. Everyone wants to get a portable AC in this scorching summer! And as you can see in the prices, the more units you order the more discount you can avail. 

That makes the 3 and 4 units the best deal for you. Moreover, this device is a good gift for your friends and loved ones. Since summer is here and we’re all affected, why not give it to them as a present.  

If you purchase today you can avail of a special offer of up to 50% off! However, prices can vary due to limited stocks and high demand in the market. 

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase the company is offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. But make sure you understand the terms and conditions that come with your purchase. For more information on this, you can check their official website. 

Pros and Cons

We want to give you our unbiased review. With that, we provided the pros and cons of purchasing this product. And every device has its set of advantages and disadvantages. So, this is what we’ve seen with Blaux portable AC. 


  • Small and lightweight
  • Easy to use and install
  • Adjustable grille
  • Save on electricity 
  • Quiet 
  • Can be used in different places 
  • Affordable


  • The device is only available for purchase online
  • They should opt for a bigger battery
  • It’s not as powerful as the traditional AC


Our final verdict? This device is your cheapest alternative to beat the summer heat. Traditional AC is more powerful. But you must prepare for the impeccable rise in your electricity bill. 

The Blaux Portable AC can be used in your room, house, and even in your office. And you can clean this device all by yourself, unlike traditional AC that needs technicians which means added cost. Make sure to place your orders now before supplies run out!

This device is selling out fast and the manufacturer is having a hard time keeping up with the demand. You can also save big with 50% discounts and avail of their special offers if you place your today.