This Is The Best Relief For Neck Soreness For People On The Go

Are you experiencing neck soreness due to long hours of working on your computer? Studies show that working for long hours in front of a computer can strain your neck muscles. This leads to neck pain and if left untreated it could lead to severe back pain. 

I’ve been working as a sales consultant for 10 years now. Being in front of my computer for the majority of the day has caused some discomfort around my neck. At first, I just ignored it. However, the soreness continued on for days. 

The daily grind has its consequences. As a sales consultant, I keep high standards for my clients. You can say I’m a bit of a perfectionist. But, everything came to a halt when I started to feel the unbearable pain in my back. 

I love my job and how well I was paid. It made me feel that I can achieve anything I set my eyes on. I was beginning to see my plans coming into reality. 

About 3 years ago, my wife and I had our first child. I promised her that I would do everything I could to give them a good life. Everything was working well until I struggled with the excruciating pain in my neck and back. It was becoming unbearable…

The Soreness In My Neck Is Getting Unbearable

What started as soreness in a small area has escalated to my whole back. Even worse, I started waking up with a headache. Working on my daily tasks was a struggle. It started to affect my mood. I get irritated easily. I was experiencing more stress, and worse it affected my productiveness…

I went to the doctor, and she put me into medications. Most of it was pain killers. While the pills helped me a little, I just wasn’t satisfied with the end result, not to mention that I hate the idea of taking pills. 

The meds really weren’t helpful. Plus, I’m worried about future side effects. 

My wife told me to get a massage. I tried it but that also wasn’t satisfying for me either. She even suggested a chiropractor. Naaaaahh! It scared the hell out of me. Just thinking about someone bending your joints and bones creeps me out. Ugh.

I even tried vibrating massagers. That too isn’t helpful. I realized that when your neck is sore, the rest of the body also suffers because of it. The work that I came to love and provided for my family is becoming a struggle. And it gets worse every single day. 

It Affected My Relationships

As the pain gets worse, so does my patience. It affected how I dealt with my colleagues and my kid. I have yelled at my wife which I promised myself I will never do. The pain made me so uncomfortable that I spent most of my time at home lying in bed. 

I was missing out a lot on my family. I wasn’t able to bring my son to the park, let alone play with him. It helped me realize that the means to provide for my family has become the reason why it’s falling apart…

I can’t let that happen. I mustn’t let that happen. Instead of sulking and surrendering to the pain, I searched for the best remedy. Then one day, I found the answer. As I read the article, I can’t help myself but relate to the situation. 

He too was working at a financial firm. The daily grind that lasted for 15 years has resulted in his severe neck and back pain. Not only that but sitting all day at the office can cause major problems with your neck and back.  

And then, he mentioned NeckRelax. The neck massager that helped him with his neck soreness and back pain. 

I Discovered The Magic Of NeckRelax

At first, it was just a matter of curiosity. So I ordered the neck massager online. I was skeptical at first. However, I am committed to finding a solution to my neck problems. So, I decided to try the product. 

The device arrived within a couple of days. I unboxed the item and to my surprise, it looked like an expensive headphone. I looked for other stuff inside the box and I saw a pair of AAA batteries. 

I popped it into the device and placed it on my neck. I was surprised at how comfortable it felt. I looked for the power button to turn on the device. It was warm and relaxing at the same time. Just about two minutes I can feel the tension on my neck slowly melting away!

It was a truly gratifying sensation. I feel the relief running from the base of my neck down to my spine. I love every moment of it! It was what I really needed at that very moment. 

The Quickest Relief I Ever Had In Months…But At A Fraction Of The Cost

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical. So, I tried the NeckRelax the following day. After using it, I was in a good mood for the first time in months! I came home and greeted my beautiful wife and even spent a little playtime with my son. 

Unlike the other gadgets I saw online, this device doesn’t have moving parts. You just need to place it on your neck and all you need to do is relax. See how easy it is? You literally don’t need to do anything else. 

After turning the device on, you need to choose the setting you’re comfortable with. You don’t need to hold the device. Instead, it will do all the work for you. 

How Does It Work

NeckRelax has three different modes: Infrared Heat, Massage Modes, and Electro-Frequency stimulation massage. Here’s an infographic to help you better understand this product. 

I was surprised that this device can deliver a powerful deep tissue massage. But, at the same time, it can be gentle on your muscles. The second time I used it, I felt so relaxed that I fell asleep. That was the best sleep I’ve had in months! My neck just felt so light!

NeckRelax also comes with six different modes. You can choose which level of intensity suits your needs. Another good thing is it’s a great value-for-money compared to other neck massage products in the market. 

The Benefits Of Having NeckRelax At Home

It didn’t take long enough for NeckRelax to become part of my everyday routine. I was so impressed! It quickly eliminates the soreness in my neck. Not to mention everything I had to go through before I knew about this product. 

Not only did it manage to relieve my sore neck muscles, but it also helped everything in my life fall back into place. My mood improved greatly! I feel revitalized and happier. I have more energy and my relationship with my wife is getting better by the day. I also have more time with my son, and I make wise business decisions. I feel excited to do the job I love again!

The benefits are endless. In fact, I was working at a promising rate that a client of mine took notice of. He referred me to an associate of his and today that person became another client. Not only that, but my wife and I are also expecting our second child. Whoaaa! Life has been good to me. 

Price and Special Offers

Unfortunately, the device is only available for purchase online. Don’t expect to get the same product in supermarkets and stores in your area. You might want to order your NeckRelax today. Let’s cut to the chase. Here are the prices and special offers available on a limited time offer. 

  • $119.98 For a single device. However, they are offering two devices for you and your partner for the same amount. That makes each device cost only $59.99. 
  • $134.98 – If you purchase three devices. 
  • $164.97 – If you buy four devices. This is the best value for your money. 

Refund Policy and Money-Back Guarantee

Meanwhile, the company is offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. That means you can test the device all you want within a period of 30 days. And if you’re not satisfied, you can easily send the product back to them. 

To do this, you need to contact customer support. They will provide you with a return facility address. However, they will only accept the product in brand-new condition. And with its original packaging. 

You must make sure that the product you’re returning will reach the address in 30 days. They will provide you with the information on the approval of the return via email. 


Getting rid of the soreness in my neck brought about many benefits in my professional and private life. And my hope is that you could also benefit from it too. I know the stress of juggling work and family. Let alone the pressure of having side-gigs. 

We do what we do for one reason alone. That is, to give our family a better future. So it’s my hope that you as a worker could also benefit from this amazing product. And you have to know that this product is selling out fast!

Another thing, now that work from home became the new trend due to the current pandemic, which means a lot of people work long periods inside their homes. Most of them are already having neck sores. That said, if you want to avail of this amazing product, I highly suggest that you place your order now!

Mind you, the company is having a hard time coping with the demand. So it’s best to order yours early. As of today, the company is offering a special price for a limited time offer. This means ordering today lets you take advantage of its cheapest price offer!