Don’t Just Fix It, Make Sure You Bondic Fixed It

Looking for a quick way to fix everyday items? Look no further because Bondic is here! It can fix almost anything without sticking your fingers together just like super glue. It’s the first-ever liquid plastic welder that works where glue fails. 

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How many times have you stuck your fingers with glue? I know it’s annoying! But do you know what’s worse? When you get your hands dirty with glue but it still can’t hold things together. I understand your frustration. 

We got good news for you. You don’t have to throw away your kid’s toys. There’s hope for your broken eyeglasses, N95 mask, skateboard, household, and display items, headphones, cables, etc. You name it! Bondic can bond everyday items together again like it’s brand new! 

Say goodbye to sticky adhesives, fingers stuck together, and messy tables! Say hello to Bondic. The first liquid do-it-yourself plastic welder that can hold up to 5 lbs of pressure. It can bond, fill, build, and fix almost everything! 

What is it? 

As I said, Bondic is a DIY liquid plastic welding kit that uses LED UV light. It works well with almost any material from glass, plastic, fabric, low-voltage electronic wires, etc. It remains in its liquid form unless exposed to a powerful UV light. The curing process takes just about four seconds. Yup, that fast!


Bondic will never stick your fingers together, doesn’t create a mess, and is very efficient. In fact, it’s the best alternative to superglue. And there’s more! It doesn’t just fix objects but it actually makes them even stronger. 

The more you use it, the stronger it gets. It’s something any super glue can’t do. 

How Did It Come Along

Let’s talk about credibility for a moment. Bondic is a German product with a fascinating story. It came about when German dentist Thomas Offerman got curious about one of his patients. The patient asked for a dental bonding material and an ultraviolet light. 

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To his surprise, the patient used the materials to fix microchip wires in his microscope. Three years later, Bondic plastic welding kit came into existence. 

It was so effective that just months after it was launched, it already received the Retailer’s Choice Awards for being the ground-breaking new product in the market. 

How Does It Work

First off, it really does work! But how? It’s easy. Bondic does not stick to your hands like glue because it stays in its liquid form unless it’s exposed to a powerful UV light. But if you’re worried about handling, you don’t have to. 

Just DIY

The adhesive is actually very easy to handle. You only need to take four steps to do this. 

  1. First, you need to sand the surface of the object you want to fix. The rough surface will help the adhesive to stick stronger and better. 
  2. Apply small portions of the liquid plastic but make sure there is sufficient space for the UV light to penetrate the plastic. 
  3. Step three is the UV curing phase. This is where the plastic liquid gets cured with the powerful UV light. There’s no need to fret. This only takes about five seconds. For best results, it’s better to cure the liquid in multiple layers. 
  4. After curing, all you need to do is sand the part for finishing. But if you’re contented by how it looks, you can skip this part. 

Is It Safe

You think it’s toxic, right? But, no, not really! Bondic is safer compared to other commercially available products. You have to understand that this product is not a glue, but a liquid plastic welder!

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Bondic is a plastic welding tool that gets cured with the aid of a powerful UV light. In perspective, this product creates an additional layer of plastic in the area you need to fix. And the spot will be cured using UV light.

Only once it’s cured would it work as a regular household plastic. That means it’s non-toxic after it’s cured. And there’s no way you can swallow it when it hardens. 

Where Can You Use It

Bondic is very useful for fixing almost anything. It can repair broken and damaged electronic devices, kid’s toys, creating new threads for screws, your smartphone cords, broken glasses—it can do almost everything!

Here are other things Bondic can be useful for: 

  1. Reduces tension on some items. 
  2. Create connections on two separate items objects. 
  3. Fix water leaks. 
  4. Provide insulation on wires. 
  5. Create bonds on items. 

The best way to use Bondic is to see it as a fixing tool. This is very useful. Most especially if you have special items in your home that bear sentimental value, those items are irreplaceable but you can definitely fix them. 

Who Is It For

Nobody wants to work with super glue. Only if they only have a better option. Luckily, Bondic is here! 

Not A Glue

I personally don’t like working with super glue. The same goes for adhesives because they somehow work the same way. But Bondic is different. It doesn’t dry up unless you cure it with a UV light. 

Looking at online reviews, I noticed that Bondic works well with plastics. Car mechanics prefer using this product when working with broken plastics in the interiors. It’s an excellent tool to fix anything inside your home. 

Can You Use It As A Filler

While Bondic is often used as an adhesive, you can definitely use it as a filler. I tried it the first time, and it worked seamlessly. However, you need to make sure you sand the surface enough for the adhesive to stick into. 

Next, you need to apply small portions of Bondic but make sure to follow it with UV light curing. You do this over and over again until everything is filled. Remember to do small amounts for the best results. 

We don’t recommend putting a blob of the adhesive and cure it. That’s doesn’t work that way. Again, small amounts repeated numerous times gives the best results. On the other hand, once you get the desired thickness, you can start sanding to make it into the perfect shape. 

Why It’s Better Than Super Glue 

I repeat, Bondic is not a glue but it can be used the same way. However, it succeeds where glue fails. Do you ask why it’s better than glue? Here’s the reason why; it can be used in almost anything! 

Superglue, on the other hand, doesn’t work with glass, plastic, metal, pipes, and wet items. With Bondic, using the right amount of layer on the surface repeatedly will get the job done. 

Likewise, superglue is messy, sticky, and very hard to handle. It should not be left open or it dries up. Bondic will never dry unless exposed to a powerful UV light. That translates to easy handling and you can save more money because there is no waste. 

How Strong Is It

If you think there’s a tensile strength measurement for Bondic, you’re wrong. That’s because it all depends on how you do it. Remember what I said earlier; the key is the multiple tiny layers you place, not the blob. 

To really get great results, work on thin layers and cure each layer with UV light every single time in between. This will ensure each layer is as strong as it gets. Likewise, we recommend you work on a thickness of about 1-1.5 mm. 

Here’s another thing you need to remember, the adhesive works very well with rough surfaces. This ensures the adhesive sticks to the surface once it dries out. This gives the adhesive something to sink into and hold onto. 

What You Get When You Order Bondic Now

These are what you’ll get when you order the Bondic Starter Kit. 

  • Bondic bottle

The bottle contains enough adhesive for different applications. It has a tip that looks like a pen and the adhesive comes out each time you press the bottle. 

  • UV Light

The UV light is used to cure the adhesive. 

  • Metal Enclosure

The Bondic starter kit includes a silver casing made from metal. This ensures no leakage or on the bottle. 

How Much Does It Cost  

Luckily for you, Bondic is giving away special offers. It’s really good news since it sells like hotcakes these days. 

  • Bonding Kit costs about $19.99. This includes shipping and handling. 
  • Before the kit costs $59.97 but today, you can get it for $39.98. Thanks to its special offer of Buy 2, Get 1 free. Plus, it’s free shipping within the USA. 
  • Here’s the cream of the crop, Today, you can get 5 kits for only $59.97. That’s not all. This last offer includes free shipping within the USA and the special offer of Buy 3, Get 2 free. 


If you’re thinking you’re being scammed, you’re wrong. We encourage you to look at online reviews about Bondic. We suggest you visit Amazon and check for reviews yourself

In fact, it’s Amazon’s best selling product in the welding systems right now. This product is really hot. Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, I’d say everyone became a DIY enthusiast. If you’re thinking about fixing things inside the house, you better try Bondic now.