Warning: These 16 Products Will Make Every Seniors’ Life Easier.

When you grow old you also become aware of your physical limitations. Pain starts to show up all over your body. The difficulty to do simple household chores becomes imminent and the worst part is you need to be mindful of the food you eat and the cleanliness of your surroundings.

The challenges of old age will surely catch up with us. The only thing that would matter is how we respond to those challenges. Luckily, technology has always done what it supposed to do, make our life easier.

But before we get to that level, we might as well enjoy the stage of life we’re in right now. Thanks to technology, there are ingenious products in the market today that could make our life easier so that we can spend our retirement days healthy, happy and whole.

1. Peeps by Carbon Klean – The eyeglasses cleaner your grandparents would surely love.

Peeps eyeglass cleaner uses the same technology that NASA and the military are using to clean their lenses. You can just imagine how these government agencies put effort to make sure their camera lenses capture the best photos possible. That being said, your grandparent’s glasses will surely look much clearer when you clean their lenses with Peeps.

Because it uses military-grade technology, you can be assured that it doesn’t easily get affected by heat, humidity, cold and other elements. Other great benefits of this product include are; it’s lightweight and compact, it’s eco-friendly, and it will last even a lifetime if you know how to take good care of it.

2. Aculief – The fastest and natural relief from migraine headaches.

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Aculief uses the traditional Chinese method of applying pressure on the LI4 pressure point to relieve headaches and tensions. The good news is, modern medicine has already begun to acknowledge this method as safe, clean, and effective. Today, there are over 500 studies that back this claim including John Hopkins University when they wrote:

“Proper stimulation of the LI4 is effective in relieving headaches, the pain of the eyes, toothaches, jaw pain, and pain of the limbs and bones.”

You can wear it anytime, anywhere. You can carry it around or put it inside your pocket. Aculief is so ingenious and effective. It’s a great gift for your parents or their parents. Either way, it’s just good for everyone you know no matter their age.

3. ClipperPro Nail Clipper – The revolutionary nail cutting device for grannies.

Arthritis is the most common problem for seniors. It makes life difficult for them. When you see their nails growing long and sharp it doesn’t mean that they’re not taking care of themselves. It’s just difficult for them to cut their overgrown nails using the traditional nail cutter.

Here comes ClipperPro. The high-quality nail cutting tool equipped with surgical steel blades to make cutting nails easy. The device was actually designed by three surgeons with the intention to make life easier for its users. It comes with a swiveling blade that will help old people position the device so it’s easier to cut their nails in the right angle.

4. WashZilla – The nonchemical way of cleaning your laundry.

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WashZilla is a Japanese invention that lets you wash your clothes spotlessly without using harsh chemicals. Old people are sensitive to the smell of strong chemicals in detergents and fabric conditioners. It’s not just the smell of it but the chemicals might actually be bad for their health.

Luckily, this new innovation from Japan uses hundreds of ceramic pellets enclosed in a sphere that activates the water’s cleaning power. The good thing about it is can be used up to 1000 washes. It’s a healthy alternative for old people and it saves them money.

5. ZenHeater – Protect your old family members during the cold months with a portable space heater.

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The Zenheater is a portable heater that you can use instantly. It’s capable of heating up to 250 square meters of space. What’s more, it can save you a lot of money. This device is good for aged individuals since they only need to plug in the device in any electrical socket in their home. Perhaps its biggest advantage is you can choose which part of the house you want to keep warm, unlike the traditional heater where all areas of the house are heated while you only use a small part of the entire space.

This easy-to-use and portable heater will keep your old loved ones warm during the cold winter months without you having to worry over rising electric bills. It’s not just time and space that you can save when you use this device but precious cash too.

6. NeckRelax – An inexpensive and easy way for neck pain relief.

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What you do when you’re young will eventually take its toll in your body when you’re old. Old people have been working hard labor until their retirement. That being said, it’s expected that they’ll experience body pain every now and then. However, the most common is neck pain. Often times, this leads them to become grumpy and easily irritated.

The good news is there’’s NeckRelax. It’s a budget-friendly, easy-to-use, and fast-acting device for neck pain relief. It uses infrared heat to improve blood circulation and a therapeutic ultrasound that uses vibrations to encourage healing. Say goodbye to neck pains and enjoy your retirement age with a portable personal massage device.

7. DocSox – The easiest way to relieve heel pain and promote blood circulation in your feet.

Getting old is not something that anyone can enjoy to the fullest. It’s not common for old people to be so fancy and playful. That’s because they are suffering from a lot of pain everywhere in their body.

DocSox is an anti-fatigue, compression sock sleeve that diminishes swelling, relieves heel pain, and boosts blood circulation in your feet. It’s recommended by a leading Podiatrist who has a broad experience in treating foot pain. It also promotes blood circulation to help the weak veins due to the process of aging

8. BreatheGreen Pure – The easy to use and fast-working air purifier to get rid of foul smell inside your home.

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Old people need a comfortable and relaxing place to live in. Not only they are prone to sicknesses, but because it’ll be difficult for them to clean the place on their own. When we get older, our body functions slow down as well as our immune system. That being said, cleanliness should be given top priority.

This goes without saying that the air we breath carries allergens, molds, bacteria, and viruses that can cause sickness and diseases. Significantly, BreatheGreen Pure will help you get rid of allergens with the help of science. The device uses negative ions to clean the air inside your home. You see, it doesn’t use harsh chemicals to do the work. Just plug it into an electrical socket and let it do its job for you, worry-free.

9. BowlSparkle – The easy way to clean your toilet bowl.

This is probably the most hated household chore. It’s disgusting and needs a lot of hard work. Cleaning the toilet bowl with strong chemicals is not recommended for old people. However, this is the case for most seniors in the United States. So if you love your old folks, you might want to ease their life by giving them BowlSparkle.

BowlSparkle is a foam cleanser that doesn’t need any arduous scrubbing. The cleanser expands as it reacts to the water inside the bowl until it covers the entire surface. The added good news is, it does not only cleans the toilet bowl but as the foam expands it also prevents drain blockage. That’s not all. In fact, it works perfectly well with kitchen and bathroom sinks, washing machines, pipes, floorings, and other hard-to-reach places inside your home.

10. MobileKlean UV Light Sanitizer – Effectively eliminate harmful viruses and bacterias on all surfaces.

When you have old folks to take care of you understand that sanitation is key to keep them healthy and strong. So any presence of germs, bacteria, and viruses is a big NO. As I was saying it really helps to sanitize every surface of your home. That being said, MobileKlean UV Light Sanitizer will do you wonders.

It can be used on almost any type of surface in your home. That also includes everyday things that can carry microbes such as smartphones, keyboards, cutlery, and even your toilet. Since UV light is used in hospitals to eliminate all kinds of disease-causing bacteria and viruses, this portable hand-held device works the same way to make your home clean and safe for old folks to live in. https://www.mobileklean.com/en/pre-3.html

11. Fixd – The car diagnostic tool to monitor your car’s health in real-time.

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Seniors are oftentimes the ones that get ripped off when having their car maintenance serviced. That’s because they’re not aware of the present condition of their car. However, there’s a new sheriff in town. We give you Fixd. A small device to help you monitor your car’s condition in real-time. It will teach you what maintenance service your car needs including the current prices of the parts you need to replace and the labor costs.

Great things do come in small packages. In the US, auto car repair scams have been revealed in blogs, news, and YouTube videos. Now, you can avoid getting ripped off on your next car maintenance service.

12. MassageHero – The pill-free immediate relief from muscle pains.

Muscle pain can affect your mood and productivity throughout the day. It’s not just athletes but office workers and ordinary citizen suffers from it on a daily basis. However, the most common thing people do is pop a pill every time they face this problem. Continuously doing so could lead to other health issues in the future.

On the other hand, the MassageHero works like an on-call massage therapist at the press of a button. MassageHero uses a percussive massage that you can do anywhere and anytime you need to. It’s a pain-free method to relieve stress, make you feel lighter, clearer and happier immediately.

13. Shine Bathroom Assistant – You’ll never have to clean your toilet again.

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Shine Bathroom Assistant automates your bathroom and toilet cleaning. An added bonus is it doesn’t use chemicals. It cleans and deodorizes your toilet automatically without using any harmful chemicals. It’s easy to install and it’ll break you free worries.

It’s a smart device that is capable of anticipating your toilet needs thereby reducing your worry with regards to cleaning your toilet. It comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts over 6 months on a single charge and it’s able to track your water consumption.

14. BetterBack – The fastest way to relieve chronic back pain.

1 out of two people suffers from back pain. It might be caused by bad posture and hunched-over for long periods of time. In worst cases, what started as a minor back pain developed into a slipped disc. If you’re also suffering from this kind of pain or knew someone who does, you might want to know about BetterBack.

It’s a new invention that is selling so fast after it was introduced in Shark Tank. A lot of user testimonials said their back pain felt like it just melted away. BetterBack will guide your spine to get back to its natural position that was caused by sitting for long periods and bad posture. You can relieve yourself of back pain while sitting down on your desk, on a plane, anywhere you are and anytime you want.

15. SeedSheets – Forget about green thumbs, you’ll be able to grow your own herb garden in the comfort of your own home.

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We need herbs. Without them, cooking will lose an important ingredient. It’s not just about their aroma that they’re deemed important in our life but the many great health benefits they can give. If you’re thinking about the green thumb, it’s time to stop torturing yourself about it.

SeedSheets will solve that problem. It lets you grow your own organic garden that uses seed pods that contain 100% non-GMO seeds that are enclosed in a dissolvable pouch capable of blocking the growth of weeds. Thinking of giving this as a gift for your grandparents? They’ll be thrilled to have an organic garden at home.

16. ODii – This gadget is definitely a must-have for seniors.

ODii is a 3-in-1 grabbing gadget. In simple terms, it’ll save older adults from back pains when they need to clean the hard to reach places in your home. The device comes with an extendable claw, LED flashlight and a detachable magnetic rod.

Luckily, the device was originally designed for old people. It was meant to help them work their way in hard-to-reach places.