Forget A Telescope, Genius Device Clips On Any Smartphone

Like some 30 million Americans, 68-year old Robert Fowler saw the commercial for the new StarScope Monocular and immediately knew he had to get one.

A 43-year-old serial entrepreneur recently brought his newest vision to market, the StarScope Monocular.

Using cutting edge dual-lens technology, Andrew’s scope combines the power of digital zoom with optical zoom – yielding results only found in products costing consumers a big chunk of money…

Andrew’s scope hit shelves earlier this summer with a measly $47.99 price tag. Since then, this product has become a viral sensation. We sat down with Andrew last week and got an inside look on how his newest product works…

10X Magnification Stacking Technology

The StarScope Monocular has thousands of applications. It can be used for hunting, hiking, fishing, camping, bird watching, sight-seeing, rock climbing, and more. Those working in law enforcement, the military, or private detective field will also find great use for the device. Whether you’re an electrician taking meter readings or a child on a family camping trip, the StarScope Monocular has a spot in your pocket.

“To be honest, it never quite occurred to me just how damn useful a tool like the StarScope Monocular can be. It’s small, portable, and easily attaches to my phone”