This New Toilet Cleaner Makes Cleaning The Toilet A Piece Of Cake

I recently read a fact that said cleaning the toilet is officially the most hated chore in America.

Well, I’ve been saying that “unofficially” for years now. I mean, who in their right mind likes cleaning the toilet?

Masochists, that’s who.

It’s so disgusting, especially when you’re on your hands and knees scrubbing it in those hard-to-reach places and your face is like… 2 inches from the rim… yuck.

I’ve even had my hair dip into the toilet water before. That’s something I forgot about until just now. (And I wish I’d never remembered. I feel like I need a shower now…)

So, why do I have toilets on the mind?

Well, my son recently moved to college. Everything’s been great. I have one less person in the house to clean up after, and, he’s finally figuring out that his mom (me) isn’t as bad as he thought she was.

Now, I recently decided to come visit him. I was feeling pretty proud because he’s been doing well in all his classes, and when I saw his room it was actually clean! Well, that is, until I saw his bathroom…

See that toilet? See how my son lives? He certainly didn’t learn that from me!

It was disgusting! I don’t think I’ve ever been so grossed out as when I saw that thing. I’m sure he didn’t even clean it once. (In fact, I know he didn’t, because when I looked for cleaners he didn’t have any! Not even a toilet brush…)

So, I did the logical thing. I headed straight to Wal-Mart to pick up a toilet cleaner for my son. But there was a problem…

They only had cleaners that needed you to get down and dirty and really scrub that toilet.

Now, I wanted him to do that so bad. There’s nothing that would’ve warmed my heart more than for him to finally see what his mom’s been dealing with her whole life…

But, I had to be realistic. That boy had never scrubbed a toilet a day in his life and he wasn’t about to start. And, one thing’s for sure… I wasn’t going to do it for him!

Well, I knew there had to be a better way…

So, that evening, I went online and did some research to find something that would clean the toilet without requiring him to get on his hands and knees and scrub.

Well, after some deep searching, I finally found this thing called BowlSparkle.

Now, at first, I was a little skeptical. I mean, I’d done the search not really thinking I’d find anything good. But, I decided to do a little more research. Here’s what I found…

What is it?

BowlSparkle is a scrub-free foaming cleanser that reacts to the water in the toilet, expanding up the bowl until it covers the inside of the toilet. It removes stains, limescale, and rust. And, not only does it clean the toilet, but it also prevents drain blockage.

It’s not just for toilets, either. It works well on the bathroom or kitchen sink, the washing machine, flooring (tile or otherwise), pipes, and other hard-to-clean areas of the home.

How Does It Work?

The powder chemically reacts to the water in the bowl, turning into foam and expanding upwards to cover the entire inside of the bowl. The foam then breaks down the dirt and stains in the bowl. After about 30 minutes, the dirt has chemically bonded to the foam, so it comes right off as the foam is rinsed (or flushed) away.

The secret is in the NanoNet technology, which uses specially-formulated chemicals to bond with and remove the stains.

It dissolves rust, calcium, and limescale deposits, even below the waterline, as well as deodorizing and leaving a fresh scent.

It’s 100% safe to the touch. It doesn’t irritate the skin, and will not damage the floor.

But… Is it Really Worth All This Hype?

So far, BowlSparkle has sold over 10 million units directly to consumers, even without the help of being sold in stores. BowlSparkle has been SELLING OUT every time new stock becomes available, it’s become THAT popular.

And, it’s all from word of mouth. People just like you are loving it so much that they’re leaving amazing reviews and telling everyone they know about it!

BowlSparkle has easily developed a cult following. With over 8,000 5-star reviews, here’s what customers are saying:

I’ll never be without this

“One of my biggest fears in life (no joke) is going near a dirty toilet. Unfortunately for me, I have 3 teenage boys and I have to come in contact with dirty toilets more than I’d like to. But with this, it makes my life sooo much easier! I literally pour some of the powder in the toilet bowl, watch it foam up, and 30 mins later, rinse it down with water and its like new again.”

Does the job for me, literally

“I clean houses for a living and I’ve seen some scary toilets in my lifetime. Toilets that would give most people nightmares. So when I heard about this new toilet cleaner that didn’t require me to actually touch or scrub the toilet, I was skeptical but hopeful. I tried it once and its the only thing I will use to clean toilets now. It’s made my life and job so much easier.”

One of my better finds

“All I have to say is this toilet cleaner is AMAZING! Do yourself a favor and get it. Unless you like scrubbing nasty toilets…”

After reading the reviews, I was sold. I needed to try BowlSparkle out for myself.

It was perfect timing, as it was getting to the time where I normally clean my own toilet. So, I ordered the BowlSparkle for myself and for my son. After 4 days, it showed up with my mail.

But, I wanted to really see what BowlSparkle could do, so I let my toilet go for a little longer than usual.

It started to form stains deep down in the bowl, and the sides of the bowl even started to get that almost reddish tint that happens after you don’t clean for a while.

Well, I wasn’t going to let it go any further than that. (What am I, a college kid?…)

So, now it was the moment of truth…

I was happy to see the directions were actually quite simple. It was just a 3 step process…

  1. Pour in a spoonful of powder
  2. Powder will foam immediately, Let soak for at least 30 minutes
  3. Rinse after 30 minutes

So… 1, 2, 3, and… wow… it was so cool watching it work! I just flushed and the foam and all the dirt got washed away! It was one of those things where you can immediately tell the difference. I felt like I was in a commercial! All the dirt, gunk and unmentionables just washed right away!

And, the best part?

I didn’t have to do any scrubbing!

And, what I did next made me even happier…

I sent a whole box of BowlSparkle to my son, so it would last his entire college career!

And, just by judging by the text he sent… BowlSparkle worked just as well for him, too.

In the end, I guess I have to be grateful for seeing that nasty bathroom at my son’s dorm…

Without that trip, I would’ve never found out how easy cleaning your toilet could be with BowlSparkle!

I never thought the day would come… but I finally don’t HATE cleaning the toilet anymore! I barely even give it a second thought…

How much does it cost?

BowlSparkle costs $19.95 for a box. You’re supposed to use it once every 2 weeks, and it lasts a whole year if you do.

Is it worth it?

For me (and most Americans)… Yes, absolutely.

Not only will you save time on cleaning the toilet, but you don’t have to get on your hands and knees and scrub it like you used to! (Plus, now I know my son isn’t using that disgusting toilet…)

Considering you’re paying the same price if not less than the traditional cleaners, plus there’s less work… it’s a no-brainer! BowlSparkle is the way to go!

UPDATE As of Thursday, March 26, 2020, BowlSparkle is offering a special 50% discount for new customers. But hurry, due to extremely high demand, BowlSparkle has sold over 1.25 million packs and is frequently in and out of stock. (Hint: These make great gift ideas for family and friends!)

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