STINK From The “Crazy Cat Lady With 43 Cats!”

hoarder mess

My family lives in a large house that we bought about 15 years ago. We’re not rich, and it was a huge financial risk for us to buy this house. My Dad is very handy so he built a separate apartment in the back with its own entrance.

That’s why we rent out this apartment to make extra income to help pay the mortgage.

We’ve been lucky to always have good tenants until a couple of years ago. That’s when we rented to a woman who seemed normal and clean. Her name was Isabel. She was a nice older woman, maybe about 55 years old, and she was divorced, no kids.

She had a good job at the library, and she paid the deposit and two months rent in advance.

Everything went great. She paid on time, and she was very quiet. She never had any visitors.

But something turned out REALLY wrong. There was a terrible smell coming from her apartment. I mean a REALLY big stink.

It smelled like stale urine. But not just stale urine, it was more like rotten food and poop. If we went into one of the rooms close to her apartment, the smell was so bad that we gagged.

We spoke to her a few times about the smell, like maybe she didn’t take out the garbage, but Isabel insisted there was nothing wrong. Dad wanted to check inside, but she didn’t want him to come in.

My Dad was getting angrier and angrier, but since she paid the rent on time, he decided to back off for the time being.

Then, suddenly, there was a huge problem. One of the neighbors called the cops. The neighbor thought maybe somebody was dead inside the apartment.

The cops banged on the door. No answer. Finally they got my Dad to give them permission to break the lock.

“Oh, my God this is the worst I’ve ever seen!!!” said the cop. They started to gag. One of them put his shirt over his nose, and the other said they were going to have to call Social Services.

It turns out our “nice” tenant Isabel, was a CRAZY CAT LADY! There were filthy, totally full cat boxes all over the apartment. Poop and urine were everywhere, on the walls, on the floor, even inside the oven!

hoarder mess

It was beyond disgusting, and when we went inside it was nauseating. It was totally, completely unbreathable. There was even a dead cat in the closet. It was the worst smell ever!

Well, after the animal shelter people came, it turned out that there were 43 live cats in the apartment, not including the dead one.

We evicted “Isabel”, but then we were faced with the problem of the disgusting smell.

We hired a professional cleaning company to disinfect and sterilize the apartment and clean everything with special chemicals, but even after all that, we still couldn’t stand the smell!

Three months later, every time we went in there, it smelled like cat urine and poop! It would be impossible to rent the apartment!! The place was spotless, repainted and clean, but the smell would just not go away!

We Discovered The Amazing Breathe Green Charcoal Bags!

My Dad was totally depressed about the smell. Airing out the apartment did not work.

My Dad’s Uncle was a big shot engineer who worked for the military. He heard about the problem with the smell, so he sent us something that he said would solve our problem.

He said that when they have problems with odor, the only thing that would work was special activated bamboo charcoal.

charcoal bags

He gave us four of these small sacks called Breathe Green Charcoal Bags.

As he told us, we placed the bags in the stinky room, one in each corner, and closed the door.

Two days later, we opened the door and went in.


I couldn’t believe it. The room only smelled like fresh paint!

The Breathe Green Charcoal Bags removed all the bad smell, just like my Dad’s friend promised!

When I told him the results, he smiled and said that activated bamboo charcoal was exactly what they used to sanitize in the military. (and you can imagine some of the things that need freshening there!)

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  1. My friend works in a bowling alley, and they have a shoe room which he said smells so bad in the summer that he has to hold his nose to go in there. It’s full of horrible-smelling bowling shoes. Two Breathe Green Charcoal Bags cleared up that mess in a couple of days. Now he says he doesn’t have to hold his nose when he goes in there.
  2. One of my friends lives in a house where his parents smoke. He can’t stand the smell. It always smells like stale tobacco. I gave him a few Breathe Green Charcoal Bags, and now he says his house is bearable. He keeps a couple in his room and there is never any tobacco smell anymore. ( I hope he’s not using them to hide the smell of any other stuff he smokes smokes… LOL).
  3. The school toilet. OMFG, that restroom smells horrendous. I told my teacher about Breathe Green Charcoal Bags. She tried out a few in the toilet, and now you don’t have to hold your nose and choke when you go in there to do your business.

The Breathe Green Charcoal Bags constantly work to keep the air clean. They scrub the air and absorb odors. They also absorb allergens and other harmful pollutants.

They are chemical-free, unlike dangerous chemical cleaners and deodorizers.


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