Smart Translator Lets You “Speak” Up To 39 Languages At The Touch Of A Button

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Today we reveal the shocking story of two young men, who left England looking for an adventure just to end up in a foreign jail for a crime they didn’t commit. Being locked up abroad happens more often than you can imagine: A simple misunderstanding with distrustful border guards ended up being just enough.

But, what really happened? And what can the inexperienced traveller do so this doesn’t happen to him too when travelling abroad? We answer these questions in our report. Keep on reading to find out the whole story…

Locked up abroad over a simple miscommunication. It always seems so impossible until it actually happens… But it’s exactly what happened to two young guys from England. John and Steve had just graduated from Oxford University with top class medical degrees and decided to take in a tour of the Far East before beginning their grueling studies to become specialist doctors. 

They set off and made their way across Europe and crossed the border from Belarus into Russia.

After spending just 48 hours in Moscow they ended up in the hospital

John and Steve got into an argument with some locals in a bar and a fight broke out. They were taken to the nearby hospital but being unable to speak the language they were not able to explain to doctors about what had happened or how much pain they were in. Subsequently, they were simply discharged with a large tub of basic painkiller pills.

From that point, someone was following and watching them so they decided it might be better for their health if they quickly passed through Russia, as it was obvious the people didn’t like English tourists.

They didn’t expect Chinese border guards to search their luggage


Next day, they boarded the trans-Mongolian train, which was to take them across the border with Mongolia on their way to visit China and “The Great Wall”.

The journey to Sainshand in Southern Mongolia was quite uneventful but it was a very tiring 7 days of mostly train travel. Finally, when they arrived at the Chinese border, several uniformed patrol guards unexpectedly boarded the train and asked to see passports and they also searched passenger’s luggage.

The next part of the journey was the start of something absolutely terrifying

When they got to John and Steve they found the large tub of painkillers in John’s rucksack and assuming they were illegal drugs the pair were arrested. They spent the next 10 days locked up in a rat infested Chinese prison with murderers and rapists, protesting their innocence.

If only they had this essential instant translation device with them. They could have easily explained the whole situation and enjoyed their visit to China without incident.

4 reasons why Translaty could have saved them

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Don’t ever travel without Translaty

Such terrifying ocurrences can happen to really anyone, as we can see from John and Steve’s story. However, such devices can not only save you from problems with the law abroad, it can also help you get around easier on your day to day.

Imagine if you travel abroad and you’re able to communicate with the locals, as if you had lived there for decades… and the surprised faces of the locals in seeing this little revolutionary device!

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Wow! This little device got me out of a whole lot of trouble when I was involved in a car accident in Turkey. It wasn’t my fault but the local police took some convincing.

I bought my smart translation device for business use as I am always away in Singapore or Thailand. I found it incredibly helpful in communicating with the local people.


  • Easy to transport in a pocket or purse
  • Quick charging and long battery life
  • Translates 2-way for 39 languages
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  • The only color option is gray

We would never visit another foreign country ever again without a Smart Translator Device

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