Miracle Device Instantly Relieves Muscle Pain!

KoreSphere Rolls Your Pain Away with Ice-Cold or Hot Massage


Millions of people across America suffer from painful, sore, and swollen muscles every day.

Whether it’s caused by a chronic condition, daily activity, or normal workouts or exercise, pain can inflict any number of harmful effects on a person’s body.

“Fatigue, loss of sleep, and even headaches can be triggered by a pulled or sprained muscle.”

People who lead an active lifestyle – including athletes, runners, joggers, dancers, etc. – are even more prone to muscle soreness and injury.

For those who are on their feet all day for work, pain can be more than an annoyance – it can cause you to lose your job!

Whether it’s affecting your livelihood or simply causing sleep loss, there is no denying that pain and soreness can have a negative impact on a person’s life.

Thankfully, an incredible new device has just been introduced that can provide instant relief to sore and tired muscles!


KoreSphere Gives You INSTANT Relief from Muscle Pain!

KoreSphere works in three unique ways to provide relief to sore, aching muscles:

As a massage roller ball to relax strained muscles

As a cold compress to reduce pain and swelling

As a heat compress to promote blood flow and reduce lactic acid

KoreSphere is expertly crafted out of durable, industrial-grade stainless steel. It’s about the size of a baseball and small enough to massage any area of your body afflicted by pain, soreness, or swelling.

The sphere can be used with its included handle grip or without, depending on your preference. Many people like to remove the sphere from the grip so they can stand on it and rock their foot back and forth to relieve sore foot muscles.

Millions of people around the world are aware of the pain-soothing relief that cold therapy can offer. Each year, millions of disposable cold packs (the kind that you pop to activate) are sold.

Unfortunately, these packs lose their cold, healing properties after just a few minutes, rendering them useless and ready for the landfill.

The cold provided by KoreSphere lasts up to SIX HOURS!


Just put KoreSphere in your refrigerator for one to two hours and it will provide up to six hours of the icy relief doctors recommend for strained muscles.

Simple cold packs can’t compete.

KoreSphere can be used as a HOT compress, too!


Let it sit in hot water for a few minutes to heat it up to the desired temperature, then use KoreSphere’s heat treatment before exercising to loosen stiff muscles and prevent injuries.

KoreSphere is 100% rust-proof, so it’s completely safe to soak in hot water.

What are the Benefits of KoreSphere’s Hot and Cold Therapy?


  • Relieves pain
  • Relaxes stiff muscles
  • Soothes stiff joints
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Relieves tendonitis and sprains


  • Promotes circulation
  • Reduces aches and soreness
  • Eliminates lactic acid
  • Relieves neck and lower back spasms
  • Helps prevent headaches

KoreSphere is the first device available to consumers that combines three therapy essentials – COLD, HEAT, and PRESSURE – into one.

Doctors agree that these methods are the most effective non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical treatment for the pain, stiffness, and swelling caused by strained or injured muscles.

KoreSphere Is The Active Person’s Best Friend!


KoreSphere technology is used by professional athletes in all of the major American sports leagues. Luckily, you don’t have to be an NFL linebacker to reap the benefits KoreSphere has to offer!

KoreSphere gives relief to people of all activity levels. The cold treatment therapy (aka cryotherapy) is known to be effective in the treatment of chronic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis, and even migraine headaches.

“KoreSphere treats soreness, swelling, and pain in a fast, effective manner, offering soothing relief and comfort to sore muscles and aching joints.”

It’s affordable, easy to use, super-portable, and can provide up to six hours of soothing, cold relief.

If you’re a runner, dancer, athlete, or even someone who just spends a lot of time on their feet (like a bartender or waitress), KoreSphere can help you GET RID of your pain and get you feeling like yourself again!

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If you’re an active person (or someone who simply suffers from chronic pain), the KoreSphere might be the best investment you’ll ever make! Get yours today and say GOODBYE to sore, swollen muscles!