Make High Heels Wearable Again! — My Secret Weapon Against Foot Pain

It’s one of the eternal truths of womanhood — every cute pair of shoes that you fall desperately in love with will have a high heel. Designers just love to create gasp-worthy high heels, but that beauty can come with a steep price (no pun intended).

The dreaded high heel pain.

As much as I hate the sore feet, I can’t say no to a beautiful pair of heels. And I’ve tried everything to make them more comfortable. I’ve used all sorts of insoles and gel pads. I’ve tried stretching them out — I even asked my boyfriend to wear them for an hour or so while playing video games just to try to stop them from pinching my feet (neither the boyfriend nor the shoes were happy about this). Last year, I resorted to carrying around a pair of ballet flats in my purse (and let me tell you, when you’re carrying flats, an iPhone, highlighting powder, and a wallet, cute evening bags are out of the question.)

But all of that is over now, because I’ve discovered a secret weapon against high heel pain. I stumbled upon a new, doctor-designed insert for high heels by DoctorInsole.

Discovering DoctorInsole HighSteps was like unlocking a superpower. Suddenly, I could strut around for hours in sexy high heels without any pain at all. Think about it — all of the confidence (and height!) boost of your favorite heels without the awful cramping and pain.

Did someone say “gamechanger”? (It was probably me.)

The best part? DoctorInsoles work with the shoes that you currently own. You know, the ones that sit in your closet because you’re afraid to put them on? Those amazing silver heels you stare at longingly, remembering that one time that you wore them to your friend’s wedding and needed a piggyback ride to the car at the end of the night? DoctorInsole HighSteps can actually make them comfortable.

So what does DoctorInsole do that other inserts can’t? I’m so glad you asked.

Now, I’m not a podiatrist, but I am someone who has tried out a million different insoles over the course of her adult life. The insoles that you can find in the drugstore? Those insoles are designed to cushion your feet, not to support them. And sure, they feel great — at first. But they don’t actually target the real causes of foot pain, which have to do with foot position and support.

Think about it — if your body is cramped up in an uncomfortable position, it doesn’t matter if you’re surrounded by pillows. A non-ergonomic chair is going to cause pain even if it’s soft. The same goes for your shoes.

DoctorInsole inserts are actually designed to keep your foot in a more comfortable, supported position. This is especially important in high heels, since the weight of each step is so unevenly distributed! Wearing high heels changes the way that your feet absorb pressure, forcing the balls of your feet to do a lot more work than they are designed to do and leading to pain.

DoctorInsole HighSteps were created to give you maximum arch support and increased foot stability, helping to more evenly distribute that pressure throughout the rest of the foot, not just on the balls of the feet.

Before using DoctorInsole HighStep high-heel shoe inserts, pressure from your body weight in the ball of your foot causes a lot of pain (highlighted in red). With HighStep insoles, your body weight is now evenly distributed in your foot allowing you to wear your favorite shoes with no pain!

What does this mean? You don’t have to give up fashion for function anymore!

So, I can guess your next question: do you have to get fitted for these insoles?

Not at all.

While the insoles are designed to perform like custom orthotics, they work right out of the box. I literally just took them out of the package and tossed them into my favorite black pumps. No fuss, no muss, no expensive consultation — it just took me a couple of minutes to get used to the sensation. By the end of the night, I literally forgot that I was wearing them. It wasn’t until my boyfriend mentioned how surprised he was that I wasn’t complaining about foot pain that I remembered I had them in!

I think the main reason that DoctorInsole inserts are so effective is the fact that they were actually created by a foot doctor. It seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?

I AM A BIG FAN! Thanks to DoctorInsole, I’ve fallen back in love with all of my favorite high heels — the sturdy work pumps, the sparkly impulse buys, the high-heeled boots that pair PERFECTLY with my favorite sweater dress.

I love their simplicity, price, and how easy they are to use. All you have to do is order your size and then just slide them into your shoes. No fitting appointments necessary! Within 48 hours, the shell will mold itself to fit your foot and offer customized support. It’s just that easy.

DoctorInsole HighSteps are a lifesaver for anyone who loves wearing high heels. My main problem now isn’t foot pain, but trying to keep myself from buying all of those gorgeous heels that I’d been too afraid to purchase!

Here are the top 7 reasons why you should pick up your own pair!

  1. You get to enjoy all of your most stylish and sexy high heels in greater comfort for much longer
  2. No! More! Ankle! Rolls! I definitely don’t miss the embarrassing stumbling!
  3. They are practically invisible — the sleek suede cover is totally discreet
  4. They don’t slip around or shift position like other inserts, so you never have to stop and re-adjust!
  5. They are perfect for work and play — I wear mine to the office, on dates, and on girl’s nights!
  6. They actually help improve your posture, which keeps you looking even fiercer!
  7. They cost literally a fraction of what custom orthotics cost, so they’re a good choice for any budget!

I love them so much, that I even picked up another set of insoles for my gym shoes.

HighSteps are currently available through the DoctorInsole website.


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