How Is This Little Heater Saving Americans Hundreds On Their Electricity Bill?

Especially During The Coldest Winter On Record?!

With winter starting earlier and getting much colder. This means your heating bill will be costly.

People are experiencing some of the coldest temperatures ever recorded in North America and Europe. Meteorologists say that this trend can continue in the coming years. With winter starting earlier and getting much colder. This means your heating bill will be costly.

So many of us cringe at the thought of having to turn on the heat. Even when the heat’s on, we put on layers of clothes to keep ourselves warm even using a blanket. It doesn’t make sense to turn up the heat in your whole house just to make the room you’re in warmer.


ZenHeater is a small, portable space heater that plugs directly into your wall and can heat up to a 250Sq ft space! It’s designed to keep you warm in the space you’re in.

Save You Money

With ZenHeater, you can reduce your heating costs to a fraction of what they are, saving you $100’s of dollars.

Keep You Warm Wherever You Are

Because the heater is so compact and effective, you can easily take it with you to any room and it’ll start blowing heat almost immediately.

Eliminate Energy Waste

Instead of turning up the heat for the whole house, just use the heater in whatever room you’re in.


In the dead of winter, yes you need to keep your heat on throughout the house so your pipes don’t freeze. But why turn your heat up in the entire house, just so you can be warmer in the living room.

Turning your heat up in the whole house just to heat one room is going to raise your heating bill. You’re paying full price to enjoy a fraction of the benefit. It’s not as efficient as we need it to be. It’s a waste of energy and your money. This is why the ZenHeater was created.


  • Other heaters are way louder and can sound like a hairdryer. Making them super annoying to listen to when they’re on.
  • Bigger Heaters have a tip-over risk that can severely damage your floor and catch fire.
  • Bigger Heaters are harder to move from room to room, making them only suitable for one room.
  • Lots of space heaters don’t heat nearly as well as they say they do.
  • Similar space heaters have a tendency to fall out of the wall outlet, creating an immediate fire hazard.
  • Some heaters are made from cheap materials and can melt wall outlets and can smoke from burning up on the inside.
  • Some heaters won’t maintain the temperature you set it at correctly. The heater will either stay on and cook the room you’re in, while others will loudly cycle on and off.


Buy one heater for each room in your house. That way you don’t need to move the ZenHeater, and it can stay in its perfect place in each room. You can stay warm in every room of your home, and can keep your energy costs low. Just make sure to shut the ZenHeater off in whatever rooms you’re not in.


  • Tired of freezing when you get out of the shower? Plug the ZenHeater into your bathroom and turn it on before you get in. When you get out, you’ll be comfortably warm and you won’t be shivering like crazy.
  • Work in a chilly office? Bring your ZenHeater with you and use it at your desk. You can finally take your coat off and get comfortable while you work.
  • Put a ZenHeater in your shed or garage when you’re out there to keep yourself warm.
  • Bring the ZenHeater when you travel so you can be sure you’ll be warm wherever you go.
  • If you have an RV, a ZenHeater can work incredibly well because of the smaller tighter space.
  • If you ice fish in a Bob-House bring a ZenHeater with you. You’ll thank me later!


Any company that claims your space heater can replace your home’s main heating unit and still be cheaper is lying to you! Using space heaters in your entire house for 24 hours a day, instead of your home’s main heating unit, will result in a much higher bill!

Space heaters are supposed to be used as a heating supplement. In other words, instead of turning up your heat in the whole house just to make one room warmer, using the ZenHeater is the cheaper more energy-efficient option. Or if you’re in a small space that has little to no heat like a shed, garage, or office, then the ZenHeater will be perfect for you.


Durable, Compact, and Lightweight

The ZenHeater is smaller and more powerful than other similar space heaters. It’s made of quality materials and doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy. Because the ZenHeater is so compact, it doesn’t take up any counter or floor space, and you can bring it with you if you’re traveling.

Timer, Temperature, ans Speed Controls

Easily adjust the amount of time the heater runs, how hot the heater makes the space and how fast the fan blows. The Heater will automatically shut off when the temperature is reached and turn back on when the temperature gets too low. It’ll regulate your room’s temperature.

Rotating Plug

If your outlets are sideways or upside down, the plug on the back of the ZenHeater rotates to keep the ZenHeater right side up and level. No matter the angle of the outlet.

Incredibly Easy to Use

Plug it in, flip the switch, and select the temperature you’d like. And then almost instantly the heater will blow hot air to warm your space to the correct temperature.

400 Watts

Most personal space heaters like this are only 350W and are often bigger. In the ZenHeater, we’ve put more power into a smaller package. Allowing you to get better results in a larger space.


Because of our heater’s design, the ZenHeater produces very little sound. It’s not distracting and it doesn’t sound like a hairdryer, unlike so many other heaters.

“I bought one of these ZenHeaters awhile back to warm up my bathroom. Every time I took a shower, I darn near froze to death until I was dry and in my clothes. The bathroom is so nice and warm now and I no longer freeze! I bought 5 more to use in each room of our house. When I leave a room, I just shut the heater off and then turn on the one in the next room I go into. Super easy and it’s saved me a lot of money! This was undoubtedly the best purchase I have EVER made!!!”  – Claire


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The ZenHeater is unlike any other space heater you’ve ever used. You can put an end to the ridiculously high heating costs, crazy amounts of clothes you have to wear, and your excessive shivering. You can finally be warm, comfortable, and less anxious about your heating bill.

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