This Former Clinique Chemist’s Groundbreaking Invention Is Shaking Up The Beauty World

This pure vitamin C facial serum is changing women’s skincare routines.


Fashion District, New York, NY. After years in the laboratory, a former key chemist at Clinique, Ron Robinson, has unlocked what many are calling “the key discovery” for youthful and radiant skin. His remarkable breakthrough has drawn the attention of several major investment groups and has already been sought after by major celebrities and beauty influencers worldwide.

The revolutionary discovery surprisingly comes from an ingredient that most readers will already be very familiar with: Vitamin C.

Vitamin C has always been a cult favorite and a beauty industry holy grail ingredient. It helps with collagen production, gives your skin radiance, bounce, and firmness, all while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It really is a miracle ingredient when it comes to skincare.

However, for the longest time, Vitamin C treatments were only available at medical spas. That’s because it’s more than just rubbing a slice of orange on your face. It must be the right dose, otherwise, it can cause major irritation or damage to the skin. But most of all, it’s a very unstable ingredient and has a very short shelf life.

As a normal consumer, if you bought a bottle, you’d have to use it within weeks, otherwise, the product would start to go brown and ultimately lose its effectiveness. Not to mention, pure Vitamin C is very, very expensive.

Major beauty brands such as Olay, Cover Girl, Chanel, and Tom Ford all have attempted to crack this code, but have been forced to settle for less pure Vitamin C, which causes their high priced serums to oxidize after only 2-3 weeks.

What Robinson invented was nothing short of a miracle. He managed to isolate and stabilize the pure vitamin C compound, keeping it brilliantly white and pure forever. He named his creation BeautyStat™.


BeautyStat™ is a Vitamin C treatment with a one-of-a-kind patented formula that contains 2 key powerhouse ingredients: Stable 20% Pure Vitamin C & Stable Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG).

What does this mean? These stable ingredients mean BeautyStat™ is as potent from the first drop to the last, giving users better results in half the time

Vitamin C will start to oxidize as soon as it is exposed to oxygen, turning the product brown with an unpleasant smell – and will start losing its effectiveness in as little as 1 week. BeautyStat’s proprietary formula prevents this from happening, meaning not only will users get their money’s worth, but it promises to work faster.

In an independent clinical study, BeautyStat™ showed better results at 4 weeks compared to the leading competitor’s 8 week results. Furthermore, 90% of consumers saw improvements in just 1 month!

BeautyStat is a proud recipient of the Violet Code seal of approval. After rigorously testing, the Universal C Skin Refiner has been deemed “a beauty essential” by over 70% of industry experts.

Watch what happens when we compare a high-end Vitamin C* serum with BeautyStat™

BeautyStat™ counts some of the largest celebrities and beauty influencers in the world as its biggest fans


Luxury skincare products, especially Vitamin C serum, typically cost well over $150. After spending years in this exorbitant industry, Ron wanted his serum to be affordable for everyone. BeautyStat only costs $59.99 – less than the price of a facial, and significantly more effect!

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We decided to have one of our staff writers, Naomi give the product a test:

“Even though I don’t wear much makeup, I love a good skin care product. So I was very excited to try BeautyStat! The very first thing I noticed was the consistency, it’s thicker than Vitamin C products I’ve used before. It has a nice fluffy texture, similar to a retinol cream. The first time I used it my skin had a beautiful “post-facial” glow.”

Week 1

“I have been using the serum twice a day, and it’s been great! So far the most noticeable change has been the look of my skin. Just after I apply BeautyStat my skin looks supple and smooth, it feels like an instant confidence boost every time I put it on. ”

Week 2

“I have already noticed more of a difference with BeautyStat than other Vitamin C products I have tried. It’s only been two weeks and I can already see my sun spots and acne scars starting to fade. I feel like my skin glows every time I use it, I’m excited to continue to see the results!”

Week 3

“My husband mentioned that my skin looks much brighter than normal, and if he has noticed than BeautyStat is definitely working! The hyperpigmentation in my skin has almost completely disappeared, my skin has an even tone which hasn’t happened since I was a teenager. I did not expect this Vitamin C refiner to work so well! My confidence has skyrocketed with all the compliments I’ve gotten.”

Week 4

“I think I’m in love with BeautyStat. It has become a must-have in my skincare routine, I have been amazed by the changes I’ve seen so far. My skin glows whenever I use BeautyStat! I have not been able to stop raving about how much I love this product to my friends, it’s a must-have for every woman wanting radiant skin!”

UPDATE: After initially posting this story BeautyStat has been flooded with orders and has struggled to keep up with demand. We did find one website who still supplied the product, which you can access here. I’d encourage you to order as much as you can to avoid them running out of stock.