Crazy Trick Extends Your Android Battery Life

 By Sophia Chambers | Smart Web User

Naturally, phones begin to slow down the more they are used. In some cases, this effect is the fault of too much memory (RAM, that is) being used by an increasing amount of running applications. Or, it can be due to new operating systems exhausting the phone’s computing resources so they cannot be used on other, more useful tasks like loading videos or changing from one screen to another.

Everyone with an android wants to give it a boost, that’s a given. After all, who wouldn’t want a slightly quicker device to minimize the time it takes to upload an update to Facebook?

One example of a manual way you can start supercharging your android is clearing any cached data your apps have. If this isn’t cleared regularly it can clog up your phone by keeping unnecessary app properties loaded. You can do this by heading to the “Device Storage” page in your Android’s settings, scroll down until you see the option “Cached Data” then select it. If you’ve done everything right, a pop should appear on your screen giving you the option to delete the stored cache, select “OK”. Cached data is simply pictures and other files loaded from within applications you have used, they stay loaded to help the app load and perform faster when you next use it. There is no danger in deleting your cached data.

Whilst manually deleting cache may be a suitable fix to the issue, no one has the time to sift through settings every time their phone needs a boost. Fortunately, there are some better options!

There are many different applications and products which can help give your device some speed up treatment when it’s feeling slow, our favourite being TotalAV – as well as helping you clear cached data on demand, the TotalAV app can clear out duplicate photos (recognizing similar colours and markings in your phone’s gallery, comparing every single image and allowing you to delete every twin with just 1 tap), protect your phone with an award winning antivirus and gives you the opportunity to lock apps with a pattern passcode. The software is primarily an antivirus, but it has a array of speed up, optimizing and security tools built right in that can be activated with one tap.

Thousands of people across the globe are all starting to use ScanGuard free analysis tool to optimize their Androids. Right now this can be downloaded for free by clicking hereTo keep your phone running at it’s optimum level we highly recommend using TotalAV, which doubles up as virus and malware protection for your device.

Even if you have a brand new phone or don’t think you need a speed up, we would recommend you try ScanGuard to analyze your handset anyway. Simply run a 30 second scan and see for yourself. You’ll be surprised just how many people have significantly sped up their phone from a few small changes.

Click here to download ScanGuardThey are offering a free version of the Antivirus software which for a limited amount of time includes free Speed Boost.

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